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The special "Highlight Guide" format of PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION stands for the presentation of best practices and creative applications. Exhibitors and partners show here the possibility of their product highlights in implementation.
Various scenarios are available that showcase print technology, software applications, finishing highlights, cross-media and marketing measures for brands and products in the context of a campaign. The project implementations are embedded in real brand demonstrations and a performance showcase of all communication elements, some of which are produced live at the trade show.

Project 1: New development "Gin-8 brand"

The task of the highlight project is to develop a new brand for an orange gin specially distilled for PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION in conjunction with the associated advertising materials (labels, packaging brochure, etc.).

When print and finishing already play a key role in brainstorming.
"The development of a brand is always something very special. Launching a brand with products or services and bringing it to life is one of the most creative and challenging tasks in agency life.
Thinking proactively about print technologies, finishing and brand protection/communication right at the start of the creative process - when it's not yet a matter of print runs and production - makes a lot of sense to us.
The variety of possibilities and implementations inspires idea generation and refines the final product with a unique visuality that ultimately sets the brand apart. In the end, there is that certain something that resonates with customers and creates desire," says Caroline Zöller, Managing Director, Forteam Kommunikation GmbH.

Project partner:

Project components
Front label for bottle
Back label for bottle
Packaging (cardboard box)
A5 gin brochure

Project 2: COFFEE TO STAY-Brochure

The combination of a good idea, technology, experience in data preparation and finishing processes always bring surprising results to light.
The "Coffee to go" brochure is produced as a basic version as follows:

In addition, there will be various alternatives that will show a direct comparison of the production and finishing options. Experience on site how the combination of idea and technology produces a great print product.
Project partner:

Project 3: Haribo painting & puzzle fun

Together with our brand partner HARIBO, we are producing the book "Haribo Mal- & Rätselspaß" this year. The task of the highlight project is not only to produce the book, but also to stage it. Together with the project partners, a packaging slipcase will be developed in addition to the book, various finishes will be implemented and, of course, a bag of gummy bears must not be missing from the coloring and puzzle fun.
In order to present the diverse possibilities of the production techniques, all project components will be produced on site - the book even in 2 versions, as soft and hard cover.
You can definitely look forward to it - and there will also be samples for every trade show visitor.
Brand Partner:

Project Partner:

Project components
Coloring / puzzle book
Book block - Jewel Premium Offset, 160 gsm.
Softcover - Premium Digital Gloss, 250 gsm
Hardcover - Premium Digital Silk, 150 g/sqm


Project 4: PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION Invitation campaign

The planned visitor mailings in conjunction with a cross-media campaign are intended to both educate/inform interested parties about the congress trade show, encourage them to register, and of course direct them to further information and activities via the media bridges.

Part 1: Cross-media campaign: ticket to the universe of communication possibilities

The door opener for the multichannel invitation campaign to PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2023 is a self-mailer in cross format that surprises with clever personalization: The name of the contact person is emblazoned on the front page. And on the inside, a personalized map shows the route to the event location in Düsseldorf - including a precisely calculated journey time in minutes.
The actual key element of the invitation mailing, however, is the insert on which an NFC chip from NFC21 is integrated. As soon as the mailing recipients scan the chip with an NFC-enabled smartphone, they are taken to an NFC URL website where they can choose from numerous promotions related to PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION:
The Tell a Friend postcard campaign is also part of the highlight project and offers all mailing recipients the opportunity to send up to three postcards free of charge to any contacts via an individual order portal and also invite them to the Print & Digital Convention.
The invitation campaign playfully combines a classic print mailing with innovative digital concepts and creates real added value for potential visitors through the integrated promotions and personalization.

Project partner

Contents of the highlight project
Print mailing


Tell a Friend postcard campaign

Part 2: Cross mailing with QR code media bridges

The 2nd mailing of the invitation campaign went to the target group "online retail, branded companies and stationary retail". For this target group, the classic media bridge QR code was deliberately staged - and this also in combination with a corresponding geoindividualization of the event location.
Project partner

Project components

A second QR code leads directly to the "Tell a Friend postcard campaign".

Part 3: Postcard mailing with video customization

The 3rd mailing of the invitation campaign is a classic postcard mailing with the focus on video individualization to generate attention for the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION
video message to you!" leads to the website of PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION
with a correspondingly individualized video from Wonderlandmovies.

Production details print mailing

Project partner


The PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION diary has been appreciated by the visitors of the congress fair for years and is produced by different parties every year. In addition to the congress program, the diary provides a wealth of information about the event and is thus in daily event use.
This year, the diary will be produced in a particularly sustainable way and implemented as follows:
Format: DIN A4
Scope: 60 Seiten + Umschlag (eingeklappte Vorderseite) + Drahtbindung
Colors: Innenteil 4/4 farbig - Umschlag 4/4 farbig + Digital-Cut
Print: Druckproduktion bei Canon auf der imagePRESS V1000
Processing: Hodge - Werbung & Druck

Social responsibility is an important issue in our society. This also applies to the purchase of paper, a product that is indispensable in our lives. Since paper is made from natural raw materials, Canon wants to ensure that these natural resources are used responsibly so that future generations can also use them. Therefore, special emphasis has been placed on sustainable production when selecting printing substrates and production methods. As a result, Canon uses almost exclusively environmentally friendly materials. Depending on the type, the print media meet criteria for FSC, EU Ecolabel or are climate-neutral by supporting projects for renaturation and reforestation. The finishing of the cover was realized in cooperation with Friedrich Karl Schröder GmbH and for the binding we were able to win the support of the company Hodge - Werbung & Druck.

Project and exhibitor partners

Project 6: Pack your suitcase and take with you...
...print finishing, print enhancement, printing, paper, software solutions.

We take visitors on a journey into the world of versatile print product possibilities via materials, printing and print finishing. Whether near or far - souvenirs and vacation greetings as well as practical travel utensils made of paper enjoy great popularity. At PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, we will show you how easy it is to print, produce and finish these items. There will certainly also be a souvenir or two up for grabs on site.
Project components

Project partner

Project 7: SMG - Sustainable Media Guides

In the age of content marketing, good content abounds, but it often tends to be biased. Companies mostly inform in terms of their own products and services. Hardly any specialized information is researched anymore, but Googled. But the ranking in the search results is not based solely on the quality of found content, but on the basis of the SEO discipline of respective websites - still and despite AI. Overall, there is currently too much fuzzy information for decision-makers. The demand for independent, holistic and at the same time comprehensible specialist literature as a basis for strategic decisions is correspondingly high.
Kompendium Sustainable Publishing
By the end of 2025, 12 to 15 guides will be produced: as individual trade magazines, each with a print run of 5,000 copies, each with 72 to 96 pages, in DIN A4 format, delivered in the so-called SMG box. Each magazine is printed on different recycled papers, in certified sustainable production environments. The SMGs are thus also a model documentation for sustainable paper and production components, demonstrating how analog media can function in an optimally sustainable manner.

The SMGs are designed as a knowledge base on the topic of sustainable printed and digital media. Around 50 authors focus on thematic contexts and intersections in the field of sustainable media production in around 400 articles.
The specialist literature is genre-neutral, interdisciplinary and cross-media.
This reference medium is itself designed to be multimedia-based: As a printed main edition, optimized by interactive and intelligent online content.

Know-how pool: technical literature Find instead of search
The individual issues are collected in a stable and practical SMG box, with optimal navigation to the individual issues. There, navigation is continued by color and symbol worlds. This allows quick access to the desired technical literature - whenever it is needed.

The guides are a compass for strategic, sustainable orientation and address media service providers, marketers, budget decision-makers, environmental officers, creative agencies or solo self-employed people.

Initiators and Presenting Partners
The compendium is supported by the UmDEX industry initiative and the Fachverband Medienproduktion e. V. (Media Production Association). The media project is officially presented by Inapa Deutschland GmbH, Canon Deutschland GmbH and drupa (Messe Düsseldorf GmbH).

Project partner

Project 8: Further development "Rotling Secco Piccolo”

The Markus Busch Pünderich eco-winery sells a Rotling Secco in a Piccolo bottle. The task is to enhance the bottle's features with various finishes and variants and to make the bottle even more attractive as a gift with appealing packaging.
Project components
Project partner

Project 9: HARIBO Golden Bear Postcards

With our brand partner HARIBO, we demonstrate a Gold Bear postcard set that attracts attention through a variety of screen-print finishes.

Project components
Project partner