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The special "Highlight Guide" format at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION stands for the presentation of best practices and creative applications. Here, exhibitors have the opportunity to show their product highlights in action.
Various scenarios are available that showcase print technology, software applications, finishing highlights, cross-media and marketing measures for brands and products in the context of a campaign. The project implementations are embedded in real brand demonstrations and a performance showcase of all communication elements, some of which are produced live at the trade show.

Project 1: New development "Gin packaging" + "Poster production"

The brand partner r[h]eingin has launched a city edition in cooperation with the artist Jacques Tilly. The task of the highlight project is to develop twin packaging for the "Düsseldorf" and "Cologne" editions. Furthermore, corresponding posters will be developed and produced for both editions.
Brand partner

Project partner

Project 2: Geomarketing: How does it actually work?

Filtering out the most promising target groups on the basis of locations and using personalized maps to point the way from the customer to the store: the keyword is geomarketing. But how exactly does such a project work?
The team of experts - DRUCKMARKT, f:mp., locr, Limego with partners Xerox, Mondi, XMPie and johnen-druck - investigated this question. The result is the cover of the 137th issue of DRUCKMARKT. It shows various ideas for the creative use of geomarketing and is unique for each reader. It shows various direct mailing examples and an event invitation - naturally for the Print & Digital Convention.
With individualized map sections, all important information is conveyed and at the same time the route to the event is visualized, which looks different for each customer. The reader is addressed personally and is already on his way in his mind, which demonstrably increases the response rate and success of the campaign. QR codes effortlessly add digital content to high-quality print products - making cross-media so easy.
...and not only in this aspect, but also overall, the conclusion of the project is: Geomarketing is not witchcraft - for anyone!
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Project partner


Project 3: New interpretation "Children's book Mountain Gorillas

The children's book "Mountain Gorillas", which is published by Mondberge Verlag, is to be reinterpreted in terms of production technology. The task is to personalize the title page and to create an absolutely flat opening.
Production techniques used
RC-Papier // matt // hochweiß // 1,2-faches Volumen / 170 g/qm
Blauer Engel, Co2 neutral, EU Ecolabel
FSC recyled credit
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Project partner


The PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION diary is becoming increasingly popular at the event. In addition to the congress program, the diary provides a wealth of information about the event and is thus in daily event use.
This year, the diary will be implemented as follows:
Size: DIN A4
Scope: 60 Pages + Cover (Hardcover)
Colors: Inside 4/4
Cover 4/0 + MGI-varnishing
ALUFIN 107921
Print: KonicaMinolta auf der KM-1e
further processing: Schäfer Medien
Cover: MAGNOSATIN, 135 g/qm
Insert: MAGNO VOLUME, 135 g/qm
Project partner

Project 5: sustainable-social packaging development

Doing good and not also, but even intentionally talking about it. Leading by example and triggering other companies to do the same. The collaborative sustainable-social packaging project is supported by all companies involved in the regular value chain of a packaging production:

Papierfabrik August Koehler SE

Brand partner
Uhrenmanufaktur Mühle-Glashütte GmbH nautische Instrumente und Feinmechanik

Creative Agencies
Scholz & Friends BuyQ

Forteam GmbH

AudioLogo GmbH

Lehanka Kommunikationsagentur GmbH

The production of three dummies each was entrusted to the sustainable Hamburg printing companyi Langebartels & Jürgens Druckereigesellschaft mbH.

Public relations, documentation
Editorial support and press relations are provided by the authors of the Industry initiative UmDEX.de.

The project is proactively supported by Fachverband Medienproduktion e. V.

The project is a social-ecological cooperation, a collaboration, of sustainably focused and socially engaged companies:

Strong together through multi-layered, social components:
The superpower of this project is the networking and the power of cooperation: for a real product, with high sustainable and social aspirations.

Projekt 6: NFC-„All-in-One“-Batch

The combination of print and NFC offers many advantages and sets a new standard for the printing industry. The data stored on the integrated NFC chip supplements the classically printed information, thus offering considerable added value and enhancing the customer experience. NFC21 and Medienhaus Gather, together with the Fachverband Medienproduktion, are pleased to present the multifunctional "All-in-One" batch, which you will receive this year when you check in at the Print & Digital Convention: Admission ticket, program, hall plan. and raffle entry all in one - and all intuitively usable with just one scan.
Project partner

Projekt 7: Book project "Photo book"

Another book project shows how current production technologies ensure that a book becomes a multisensory experience. The photo book by Marathon Press and Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) realized for a print trade show in the USA stages the works of American photographer Tim Tadder. Thanks to the LayFlat binding on the ISAG fastBook Professional, the photos are impressively displayed across the binding and are thus shown off to their best advantage. As an additional highlight for the Print & Digital Convention, the book edges were finished with Schmedt's PräziEdge press so that the cover image runs over the edge of the book.

Publishing partner
Marathon Press

Image Courtesy of Tim Tadder Photography

Product description