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The PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION is more than a simple congress trade fair – it is a real experience. It makes complex technical solutions tangible and shows them in practical use, not as individual solutions, but in everyday application scenarios – always with a view to those who use advertising media and communication strategies.
Eight theme worlds illuminate innovations, trends and visions around the topics of marketing realisation, marketing automation and content marketing – across all touchpoints of the customer journey.

The 9 theme worlds

Dialogue marketing forges a path for genuine customer communication, enables a deeper understanding of customers and their needs. This helps products to achieve real and emotional added value and increases the success of companies.
Individualisation and personalisation are the big players here, giving customers the feeling of being valued and taken seriously. But this requires additional communication effort. This is solved by cross-channel, software-based applications for the acquisition, evaluation, processing and output of relevant data.
The theme world shows how a credible customer contact works, which communication strategy promises success and how the exchange with customers can be intensified.

Value Added Printing stands for a unique communication experience. A value-added promise that is fulfilled through visual, haptic, olfactory and interactive finishing options that increase awareness of brands, products and communication.
Printed communication uses multi-sensor technology to generate emotions, interactive effects to ensure intensive, playful interaction, and digital technology to convey information.
The theme world documents the latest ideas for customer communication to generate added value and higher response rates.

Programmatic Print Print is repositioning itself in the emerging cookie-less age: away from mass printed matter and towards relevant, highly individual print products that are integrated into modern omni-channel marketing to reach the right target person at the right time via the right channel with the right message. We show where the physical medium of paper with its multi-sensory effects promises even more success than the conventional forms of display advertising, content, search engine, e-mail, influencer and social media marketing, affiliate and social media marketing.

Further processing also signifies a love of detail. Communication with added value is achieved by processing that deviates from standard methods such as folding, gluing and cutting.
The finest contours are realized by simple creative ideas. Perforations appear as patterns, slipcases pack elegantly and leporellos present the big picture with an unusual folding technique. Creative further processing attracts attention and brings fun when discovering print products.
This theme world is about ideas and implementations for interactive print products through extraordinary finishing solutions – for mass communication or personalised messages.

Label & Packaging is communication up close to the customer. Innovative materials, digital technologies such as NFC, attention-grabbing print finishes, effective security features and smart packaging solutions open up the playing field for direct and efficient interaction – at the point of sale and online.
The theme world shows creative ideas and solutions for all touchpoints of the customer journey.

Printed Electronics Innovative technology is growing dynamically and creating new products with unique selling points that offer consumers new functionalities. The development of this field is also transforming customer and brand communication.
The future is here and brings moving ads on printed magazine screens that replace traditional ads as well as labels that transmit consumer information via touch screens. This theme world shows the possibilities and where the journey is heading.

Brand & Product The distribution of complex content, including interactive real-time communication, requires new processes and digital tools in marketing. Social media marketing is indispensable and all touchpoints along the customer journey must be reached. Efficient product communication in omnichannel commerce can hardly be handled by companies without a central master data system. Multichannel publishing systems support content-driven, editorial corporate and marketing communication. The Brand & Product theme world showcases digital marketing software and systems and brings clarity into this complex market.

Interior / Exterior Design designs the appearance of brand and company. At trade fairs, at the point of sale and out-of-home, the message of the brand, product and company catches the eye with large-format and detailed designs.
Digital signage, traditional displays and banners and individual digital printing in the room and on its furnishings create a harmonious overall picture. These solutions support the communication with customers and transport brand and image, both inside and outside. This theme world shows solutions for the transport of authentic and credible brand messages.

Sustainable Mediaproduction
Climate protection, circular economy, climate compensation, recycling and many more terms require comprehensive clarification both in the communications industry and among customers and clients.
Commitment to sustainability in media production offers added value in two respects: On the one hand, companies gain an effective argument for communication with customers and investors by investing in climate protection. On the other hand, consistent implementation of sustainability strategies also realizes production and cost benefits. These arise from more effective workflows, more efficient technology and the reduction of emissions, energy and consumables.

The Business Lounge is the heart of the exhibitor area. This is where exhibitors meet their visitors for in-depth talks to discuss details about exhibits and services. The space offers businesses exactly the right setting – confidential for purchase talks or pleasantly communicative for casual meetings.