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Hygiene Guideline for PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION

The safety of our exhibitors and trade fair and congress visitors is our top priority. We are not only in constant exchange with Messe Düsseldorf but also with the state of NRW to implement all current and important measures to ensure your safety. Here are the rules and measures in detail:

Enough room for everyone

With generous exhibition and congress space, spacious entrance and lounge areas, wide aisles, routing similar to road traffic, distance markings and attentive staff.

Fresh air quality in the halls

Thanks to highperformance air-handling systems across the entire exhibition premises and – where needed – with natural air flow inside the halls.

Effective infection protection

Sanitiser dispensers located in our entrances, halls, hall transitions and toilet facilities are ready for frequent use. And highly exposed surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected for you.

First aid

Our medical service at every trade fair. Highly skilled – and always ready to assist. If you should show cold symptoms, please stay at home for the protection of the community.

Your online ticket, please

Personalised admission tickets are exclusively sold online for each day. For you this means: no waiting at the ticket counters, no cash payments.

In case of illness:

please stay at home. And keep your distance from others even within your own four walls.

For everyone‘s protection

Please wear a medical mask, FFP2 or KN95/N95 mask (no visors or fabric masks). And although you might not be able to see it, we are smiling at you behind our masks.

Breathe freely

Ensuring enough distance so you can forego your face mask both at your seat as well as outdoors (with the exception of waiting and
queuing areas).

By far the best idea

Though we ask you to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other trade fair participants, you will see the latest trends up close and personal.

Networking without physical contact

Even though you might be delighted at seeing other people again or closing a successful business deal – please forego shaking hands and physical contact.

„Bless you“

For the sake of yourself and others, please sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm. Even better, do so while maintaining a great distance or turning away from others.